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Weekly Lawn Care (Mow, Trim, Blow)

Recurring Lawn Maintenance to maintain your beautiful yard. No Contracts, no starting/cancellation fees, just excellent service done by Martens Lawn Care.  We are ready to provide complete attention to your needs. You can count on us to make sure you’re satisfied with the results.

2023 weekly cuts starting @ $45 for our standard mow/trim/blow.  

Text or Call Kristian at 712-310-7521 to get a ballpark estimate within 24 hours. 

Grass super overgrown? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Whether its 6 inches or a foot high we will get it knocked down and get your property shining again. 

Yard / Bed Cleanups 

We understand that beds can get out of hand fast! Our job is to come in and knock everything down to a clean slate again.


We take care of overgrown flower beds, trim shrubs, transplant / plant necessary plants, cut volunteers, pick weeds, and do whatever the job needs. We also tend to redo edging during cleanups. 


Usually these cleanups consist of us cleaning out flower beds and installing some sort of material to make your landscape have curb appeal. 

Landscaping - Mulch / Rock 

Landscaping is an investment to your home. Come to our team with an idea in hand or don’t! We will get your property the proper curb appeal and get it to shine. 

Installation of Flower Beds, Plantings, Mulch / Rock, Small Retaining Walls, and more 

Low Maintenance Landscape installations are very common for us. 

Check out a brief portfolio of landscape projects in our “Call Us” Section. 

We tend to do quite a bit of river rock and mulch projects with rock or brick edging. All of our mulch jobs are done with natural edging to insure proper curb appeal. 



Shrub, Weeds, Small Tree Removal, and more!

This sections involves labor intensive work most of the time! We remove shrubs, small trees, volunteers, and weeds.

If we need machinery, we have it! We have a dump trailer with us on all projects to make the tasks easier. 

Give us a call so we knock out those roots and get the debris hauled off your property!

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